Friday, August 4, 2006

Improve Your PageRank

binocular222 at asked
How do I know the rank of my site?
It seems that there're some tips to make one webpage get high rank in google search where can I have reference?

I use the Google toolbar to find the PageRank of my site. When installed, the toolbar indicates the PageRank of each URL you visit. BTW, "PageRank" is not the same as your search result number. Let's look at an example...

"Nagasin" is the name of a fishing lake in Ontario Canada. Search for it on Google and you'll get about 1000 results. The first one is "NagaSin's Profile - GameSpot" which has nothing to do with Lake Nagasin. You'll also notice that the number one search result has a PageRank of 0/10. This search term is rip for a take over because the number one search result is still considered to be an insignificant page in Google's eyes.

I just checked a registrar and "" is currently available. So, register that domain. Put up a bunch of information about Lake Nagasin and maybe fishing in general. Be sure to mention "Nagasin" plenty of times. Sign up for Google Adwords and add those to your page. Next, this is key, grab the top 10-20 search results for Nagasin and add them as links from your page.

When Google crawls your site (and they will since you have Adwords), Google will notice all the useful information about Nagasin and all the links you have to other sites with information about "Nagasin". That makes Google view your site as a hub of "Nagasin" information. I guarentee you that none of the other top 10 sites will have any "Nagasin" links. It should be enough to give you an edge and push you to the number one search result spot. You may eventually get a PageRank above 0. You might actually start making some money from fisherman searching for "Nagasin" that come to your site, read your information, and then click on your ads to buy fishing gear.

Unfortunately, this trick won't work for popular search terms like "news". The first hit is currently with a PageRank of 9/10. It's pretty tough to topple that.

If you search for my name, William Frantz, on Google. My website is the first hit. It's currently a PageRank 4/10. That wasn't particularly easy in my case because I share my name with an elementary school famous for ending segregation in the south. However, go to my homepage and you'll find links to that school and other sites about "william frantz". That's how I managed to garner the top spot. The number 2 result has a PageRank of 3/10. I'm barely staying ahead of them. You could help by putting a link such as William Frantz on your home page. Getting sites to link to your page is the other way to improve your standing. It's just not easy to get sites to do that for you.

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