Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Apple Can't Crack Cellular Carriers

Newsweek ran a story titled Major Hangups over the iPod Phone. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the phone-pod concept other than the greed of the carriers. Everyone seems so surprised that the carriers won't support a phone when they don't get a cut of the revenue. I could see it coming.

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Mini Ideas for Mini Golf

The official Apprentice recap provides detailed blow-by-blow of episode 7 while
provides an interesting personality analysis in The Apprentice Blog: Episode 7: Miniature Golf. I'd rather weigh in on where the teams could have done more to promote their golf courses.

Lawrence Lessig Learns Lesson of Spam

Lawrence Lessig sent out a bunch of e-mail urging for political action and got several angry replies from the recipients of his spam. He tried to defend his actions by claiming his post does not ask for money or propose a commercial transaction and thus is not spam in his view. That started several people ranting about what "spam" is.